VentureArchetypes was founded to help grow the next generation of successful startups. We are a boutique
strategy consulting firm with a national footprint and a global reach.

VentureArchetypes is headquartered in San Francisco, the gateway to Silicon Valley (arguably the startup
capital of the world). We work with companies throughout the U.S. and around the world (previous clients
have come from India, China, Taiwan, Ghana, Latin America, and northern Europe).



Business Planning
Financing & Fundraising

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Phone: 415.370.5060

Nathan Beckord
840 Taylor Street #7
San Francisco, CA 94108

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William L. Friend on Feb-21-2008

"I approached VentureArchetypes when I was at the conceptual stage of forming my business, Wait-On-Me. I
knew I needed help writing the business plan but I didn't realize then how much I would benefit from their methodical processes and how it would end up helping to shape the actual products and markets we then decided to focus on. Nathan first made sure he understood what we wanted to do (the Big Picture) and then helped us to focus on the highest value propositions which has been instrumental to moving us forward. As we are now getting ready to do some fund-raising, VentureArchetypes was a great resource and helped us take an OK presentation and elevate it to a pitch-perfect one that really makes an impression on the audience and delivers our message clearly and concisely. Venture Archetypes through their history of working with VCs know what needs to be there and what doesn't and how best to present it. I got more than my money's worth from VentureArchetypes and I highly recommend them to anyone thinking of starting a company, especially if you think you will need outside investors. And even if you don't, their process will help you focus the limited resources of your startup into the most profitable areas.

William L. Friend



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