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ELO Capital is entirely dedicated to Private Equity and Venture Capital through:

1. In-depth deal doing experience in Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Panama, DR, Bolivia and Argentina.

2. Target Company and / or Fund (GP) Due diligence.

3. Limited Partner advice and related-matters i.e. Board and Investment Committee.

4. Family-owned business Sucession and Corporate Governance.

5. Coaching in acquiring or divesting companies in Latin America.

6. Fluent M&A services in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

7. Board representation and Investment Committee advice.

8. Equity training and high level investment coaching.



Accounting & Finance
Merger & Acquisition
Business Planning
Financing & Fundraising
Mgmt. & Strategy
Human Resources
Sales & Partnership
Intellectual property
Turnaround & Operation
Legal Matters
Bus. Improvement (TOC, 6S, Lean)

Contact Info

URL: http://www.elocapital.com

Email: gaguilar@elocapital.com

Phone: 506 2280 8880

ELO Capital
Gerardo Aguilar
Barrio Escalante Batalla Abogados
San Jose, NA

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