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Marketing Consulting Sevices for High- Technology Vendors

Bob Thomas Consulting, based in Palo Alto, California, provides marketing contracting and consulting services to high-technology vendors, in the areas of Business Planning, Product Planning, and Product Marketing. * Market validation, for identifying target markets, value proposition, feature set, and messaging, and for building the early sales funnel.
* Custom services, which range from development of Business Plans, Product Roadmaps and Marketing Requirements Documents, to specific strategy issues and tactical deliverables relating to pricing, competitive positioning, and product requirements.
* Business Plan Diagnostic Check: A half-day session that provides an efficient, actionable review of existing business plans and strategies, to evaluate whether current plans are consistent with success, and to identify potential areas for attention.
* Marketing Department Diagnostic Check: A 3-hour session with key members of the Marketing team, to ensure that the Marketing department is focused on the key issues that will ultimately determine success or failure.
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Bob Thomas Consulting

Bob Thomas

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